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Pascal blows Darius Ferdynand

Pascal gets another taste of another gay porn star. This time Darius Ferdynand’s big uncut cock gets serviced.


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Jack King tops Darius Ferdynand

Intensity -- Darius Ferdynand & Jack King

Two sexy studs screw on grand staircase. Darius Ferdynand goes down on Jack King, wrapping his lips around Jack’s pretty cock, bringing him right to the edge as he sucks him off. Then the lusty power bottom goes for a ride on Jack’s cock — his rock hard prick flops around as he bounces up and down. Finally Darius leans against a column so Jack can take him from behind, fucking him until he drops his load on Darius’ perfect ass. It’s an intimate encounter from Falcon Studios’ Intensity.


Darius Ferdynand gang bang

Plays Together — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

In this playful gay gang bang, Lance Luciano and Connor Maguire bounce Darius Ferdynand up and down on Ryan Rose‘s hard cock in Falcon’s Plays Together.


Sense8 XXX — Dato does Darius

Dato Foland & Darius Ferdynand (Super Gay Hero)

Dato Foland and Darius Ferdynand fuck hard after a dangerous encounter” — Super Gay Hero


Darius tops Andrea

Moving Up -- Darius Ferdynand & Andrea Suarez (Falcon Studios)

Darius Ferdynand and Andrea Suarez kiss and caress like lovers. Andrea has a toned, smooth runner’s build. Darius has the polished, defined physique of a gymnast, rippling with muscle. The elastic pouches of their matching tighty-whities are stretched to the max by hard ons demanding release. They suck each other in front of a wall of windows, with the brilliant light illuminating the contours of their hard-earned bodies. When Andrea pulls Darius’ thick cock out of his briefs, the last morsel of male flesh is revealed — and quickly swallowed. A kiss with lots of tongue brings the blow jobs to an end. Each stud strokes the other’s cock while they silently negotiate who will fuck whom. Andrea offers his hole for Darius’ taking, bending over the back of the couch and lifting one leg. A change to missionary position lets Andrea jack his long, curved dick while he’s getting fucked, which produces geysers of jism that arc high and cascade down his thighs and belly. Darius finishes with an equally showy display and they collapse in each other’s arms.” — Falcon Studios


Owen tops Darius

Moving Up -- Owen Michaels & Darius Ferdynand (Falcon Studios)

Hot power bottom Darius Ferdynand takes it deep up the ass when Owen Michaels fucks his tight hole in Falcon’s Moving Up.


Johnny does Gabriel & Darius

Gay of Thrones -- Johnny Rapid, Darius Ferdynand & Gabriel Cross (Drill My Hole)

It’s Johnny Rapid as the Bastard King Joffrey celebrating his, um, Purple Name Day with two of his subjects Darius Ferdynand and Gabriel Cross.


Darius & Alex flip-fuck

The Abbey -- Darius Ferdynand & Alex Garcia (Men of UK)

Some ribald upstairs/downstairs action featuring Alex Garcia as a wily footman who seduces a randy duke, played by Darius Ferdynand. Goodness me! The Dowager Countess would be scandalized. Um, they do know that a footman isn’t literally a foot man, right?


Wagner tops Darius

The Sicilian Connexxxion— Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Big muscular hunk Wagner Vittoria picks up petite boy-toy Darius Ferdynand and drills him like a fuck doll.


Adam & Darius flip-fuck

Falcon Studios -- Darius Ferdynand & Adam Ramzi (Intensity)

Darius Ferdynand, a smooth and angelic stud, gets absolutely filthy with Adam Ramzi, a dark and devilishly handsome hunk, during a hot bath. They take turns sucking, fucking and cumming on each other in this lusty sex scene from Falcon Studios’ Intensity.


Mario tops Darius

Men of UK -- Mario Torrez & Darius Ferdynand in Cockpit

Two horny pilots get some cock in the cockpit. Hot bottom Darius Ferdynand goes down on Mario Torrez’s uncut cock. Then Darius lets the hot Hispanic hunk fuck his tight little ass.


Levi & Darius flip-fuck

When Levi Michaels, a versatile top, is paired off with Darius Ferdynand, a versatile bottom, sparks fly as they take turns fucking each other.


Sense8 XXX — Clusterfuck

Paddy O'Brian, Jay Roberts, Darius Ferdynand, Dato Foland, Logan Moore, Gabriel Cross, Hector De Silva & Sunny Colucci (Super Gay Hero)

“It’s the cum bursting conclusion of Sense8, where all men (Paddy O’Brian, Jay Roberts, Darius Ferdynand, Dato Foland, Logan Moore, Gabriel Cross, Hector De Silva & Sunny Colucci) come to their senses for an intimate globe-spanning release of sweat and semen all over their chiseled bodies.” — Super Gay Hero


D.O. & Donato Reyes flip-flop

Passion -- D.O. & Donato Reyes fuck each other (Men of UK)

Even though he’s a world famous top, gay porn superstar D.O.’s been known to give up his beautiful ass when paired with the right guy. That’s what happens during this passionate encounter with Donato Reyes. Watch Donato fuck the cum out of D.O. at Men of UK.