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Cole Weston

Horsehung naked Marine Cole Weston (Active Duty)

Cole Weston is a sexy soldier with a few tattoos and a great looking cock. His skin is tan and he has golden hair all over his smooth yet furry body. He has a very nice mix of body hair with great full balls and a mean hard sexy dick ready for some elite action. He loves to sprawl out on our couch and spread his legs as he strokes his extremely hard cock. His dick is full of veins that any vet would love to wrap their mouths around. Cole has some great muscular thighs that really show off when he is standing and masturbating. You can hear the lube as he slides his hand up and down his throbbing shaft. Cole loves to lick his lips as he gazes into the camera from time to time. Sadly the time has come for those sweet big balls to be released as he calls out to the camera letting us know he’s about to bust and with a few more strokes of that beautiful cock he erupts like a volcano spewing his hot juicy cum all over himself and his big throbbing dick.” — Active Duty


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David Nicoletti

Nude male model David Nicoletti

Friday flashback: Model David Nicoletti washing his hot rod. He really throws himself into it.


Daniel tops Cole

Cole & Daniel: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“After a little bit of a workout, both Daniel and Cole were eager to get back to the house for the real workout. Daniel was especially impatient after a bit of chatting on the bed, so he grabbed Cole and directed him towards his dick… needless to say, Daniel really gave Cole the fucking of a lifetime! There was no mercy, but Cole took it all with a smile. ” — Sean Cody


Brysen fucks Cole bareback

Brysen & Cole (Sean Cody)

The passionate Brysen is back to fuck Cole‘s tight ass! It seemed as though Brysen was in love, “He’s adorable though! What’s there not to like about him?” Cole blushed a little, but he knew Brysen just wanted to get into his pants and slide his big dick in that hole of his… Cole didn’t fully know what he was getting himself into, but he wasn’t complaining when he was left covered in Brysen’s cum and sweat by the end of it all… — Sean Cody

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Shaw tops Cole

Shaw & Cole: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“‘So I feel like each time I come back here I should try to push my limits further and further!’ Shaw said as we were in the car heading out to paddleboard.

‘What does that mean?’ Cole asked.

Shaw smiled a bit. ‘I have never had my ass eaten and I think that would feel pretty fucking good.’

Cole couldn’t hide the smile that slowly appeared across his face. ‘I’m really fucking excited! I’ve seen some of his stuff… he has a perfect ass!’

Shaw and Cole splashed around and goofed off on the boards until it was time to head back to the studio and push Shaw’s limits. When we got back however, one thing we were not expecting was to see a dick go in Shaw’s mouth.

‘I think I might be a fan of sucking dick!’ Shaw laughed.” — Sean Cody


Brodie tops Cole

Cole & Brodie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“I ran into Cole recently in San Diego randomly and he let me know that he had been eyeing Brodie for a while. ‘I love everything about him, I think he is so hot!’ Clearly Cole was smitten and ready to fuck. I called up Brodie and he was ready to make some dreams come true. We packed up and headed to the beach. Luckily it was a cloudy day so there was nobody there, which worked out perfect for us. These two started making out against the rocks and waves and it was obvious right away that there was some serious chemistry between them. Once Brodie slid deep into Cole, you could see that this was going to be a great film.” — Sean Cody


Malachi Marx tops Preston Cole

Gay stud Preston Cole takes a straight dick raw from Malachi Marx

Malachi Marx and Preston Cole have a dick measuring contest. They’re pretty evenly matched, but Malachi the one who takes control, giving Preston’s pretty ass a pile-driving ass pounding.


Jarec Wentworth & Nicoli Cole

The Listener -- Jarec Wentworth & Nicoli Cole (Drill My Hole)

Jarec Wentworth gives Nicoli Cole exactly what he wants — fucking him so good Nicoli has a hands-free orgasm.


Roman Todd tops Nicoli Cole

Runaway -- Roman Todd fucks Nicoli Cole. (Drill My Hole)

Roman Todd gets a hot piece of ass from Hispanic hottie Nicoli Cole. First Nicoli brings Roman to the edge with a mind-blowing blowjob. Then he lets Roman drill his smooth ass until Roman pulls out and busts a nut all over Nicoli’s face. Nicoli is so thirsty for cum he starts lapping it up before Roman’s cock is finished squirting.


Diego Sans tops Nicoli Cole

Serial Fucker -- Diego Sans fucks Nicoli Cole's juicy ass. (Drill My Hole)

Diego Sans chokes Nicoli Cole with his big dick. Then he fucks that juicy ass before cumming all over Nicoli’s face.


Adam Bryant tops Nicoli Cole

Str8 to Gay -- Adam Bryant & Nicoli Cole (Mistlehoe)

Some holiday humping from Str8 to Gay. Adam Bryant’s a rather dimwitted straight boy who seems to think that whole mistletoe thing is mandatory when he gets hustled by horny homo Nicoli Cole.


Cole Streets tops Colby Keller

Hairy Fuckers 4 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Handsome, bearded hunk Colby Keller bends over for fellow furry fucker Cole Streets.


Coleman tops Duncan

Coleman & Duncan

Sean Cody‘s versatile top Coleman swallows Duncan’s sweet cock and gives his cute ass a raw pounding.


Connor Maguire tops Bryan Cole

Easy Summer — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Bryan Cole’s cock swings like a pendulum while Connor Maguire plows his ass by the pool in Hot House’s sultry fuck flick Easy Summer.