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Kent tops Chuck

CF Crush: Kent — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Chuck gets a hard-on while sucking Kent‘s cock. When the time comes for these horny boys to fuck, Kent repays him by jacking Chuck off while slipping him the bone. Then the hunky blond top rolls Chuck over for a backside workout, doing pushups over the horny, little bottom as he plows him. I love how happy Kent looks while he’s fucking that tight, twink ass!


Trey tops Chuck

CF Crush: Trey –> Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Handsome cocksucker Chuck gives Trey a smoking hot blowjob. Then Trey fucks the gorgeous bottom in his tight ass.


Connor tops Chuck

All American Loads 2 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Corbin Fisher fan favorite Connor gets a blowjob from Chuck, a cute college boy. Once the beautiful blond hunk’s dick is nice and hard he slips it into the hot young cocksucker’s ass and fucks him bareback.


The Top 5 Sexiest Gay Scenes Of 2017… So Far!

“Hollywood has been churning out one steamy gay scene after another this year, and we’ve got the best of the undressed right here! Jake Weary and Andy Favreau deliver the rare-but-welcomed ass-to-mouth gay sex scene on Animal Kingdom. The boys of American Gods get very explicit. Riverdale brings the hot teen tail. And Lito and Hernando go from here to eternity while getting romantic on the beach in the final full season of Sense8!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Summer Break — Adam & Raphael

“… Adam Archuleta takes the time out to try and explain why he can’t have sex with Raphael Nyon, but the pretense does not last too long and as he is showing Raphael around the house he can’t resist stopping for a little fun. We can see here why Adam is one of the more coveted scene partners at BelAmi as his attentive lovemaking soon has Raphael cumming all over the place…” — Bel Ami Online

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Bridger tops Quentin

Two hot hunks, Bridger and Quentin, have a hot suck and fuck. First they warm up by swapping blowjobs. Then Bridger nails Quentin’s hot little ass.


Nick Chase

Nick Chase

This Colt Legend, Nick Chase, is the former mayor of West Hollywood. What, you think a cock shot would ever stop the people of California from putting a guy in office? A well known AIDS activist under his real name (Steve Schulte), he’s currently a health care advocate.

More nude photos of Nick from Colt Studios after the jump…


Jack tops Michael

Sean Cody -- Michael & Jack: Bareback

Here’s another David and Goliath matchup. Giant Jack hooks up with cute little Asian hottie Michael. I started to worry Jack would break him in half, because he pinned Michael down and pounded his ass while shoving his face into the mattress. Jack fucks him until he pops his wad, and then splooges on Michael’s ass. Then Michael gets down on his knees and sucks the sloppy cum drops off Jack’s cock.



Sean Cody -- Michael

Michael‘s a hunky Asian baseball player who likes pitching and catching. Watch him stroke his chubby cock in his first Sean Cody solo.


Chad tops Eddie

Sean Cody -- Chad & Eddie: Bareback

Chad, a beefy black hunk who can suck his own cock, works up a sweat with Eddie, a masculine stud with a chubby cock who likes taking it up the ass. See what it’s like to watch two manly men go at it.


Rod Majors

Rod Majors

Because his name keeps coming up in my search meter — and with good reason…

Rod Majors, the original Excellent-Top (NYC), was a fairly popular gay porn cover model back in the 1990s. Which is probably why he was instantly recognized in 2007 after he tried to reinvent himself as a conservative, anti-gay Fox News personality. Whoops! This was a minor political scandal that happened during an Annus Horribilis that gave us several bigger and more hilarious gay Republican sex scandals.

So, you guys want to hatefuck this motherfucker or what?


Jarrett Rex & Cameron Marshall

Cameron Marshall & Jarrett Rex

You might be a power bottom if taking it up the butt puts this kind of joyous expression on your face. Cameron Marshall goes for a thrill ride on Jarrett Rex‘s dick, looking like his chubby cock is about to pop.


“Ziggy Stardust”

Vintage Bowie as his androgynous Ziggy Stardust persona. Might look familiar to horror fans because this look was the inspiration for the Glen/Glenda character in Seed of Chucky.

Cocksucker gargles cum

This cum chugging cocksucker lets another guy cum in his mouth, then he literally gargles his jism.