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Daily Dude — Derrick Dime

Gay porn star Derrick Dime

Derrick Dime is a muscular stud with a beautiful dick that looks even better when it’s fucking a tight pucker! He’s starred in many hot scenes for Next Door Studios, often playing a bi-curious guy or a str8 guy who gets baited into man sex. Watch him at his best in Undressed Up, Straight Dudes’ 1st Bareback Breeding, and other Next Door titles. — Bio by AEBN


Jordan & Roman flip-fuck

Roman Todd & Jordan Boss (Next Door Studios)

“With the hot pool guy out on the back deck, Roman Todd & Jordan Boss decide to put on a show to see if he’s interested in watching. As Roman says, ‘Maybe he’ll want to join in.’ Jordan is less enthusiastic about their chances but he’s all about putting on a show, so opens his fly as Roman throws him down on the bed, sucking him off with the windows open. The pool guy almost immediately takes to leaning against a wall to get a comfortable view of the show, and he witnesses more than an eyeful as Roman and Jordan switch places, and Jordan sucks Roman while Roman fingers his hole. Roman shows it off, spreading it wide as he gives Jordan a smack. Roman’s dick is rock hard and ready for action, as he bends Jordan over and proceeds to fuck him raw dog from behind. Jordan takes Roman’s bareback pounding like a champ, as Roman fucks him from behind and then pile drives him from above. Having had his fill, they switch places and it’s Jordan’s turn to put on a show, fucking Roman missionary as Roman squeezes out his load. Jordan pulls out and blasts Roman’s hole with his jizz, before breeding the hole with his raw, jizz-covered cock, sliding it in and out as the pool guys fondles himself in the window.” — Next Door Studios


Lucas Vick tops John Joseph

John Joseph & Lucas Vick (Next Door Studios)

“As Lucas Vick lay asleep on his bed, John Joseph assumes he has tapped out from drinking, and takes the opportunity to sneak a feel of Lucas’ manly body, as he runs his hand up and down Lucas’ chest. Thinking he might just take a peek a Lucas’ cock, he slowly removes his shorts and exposes Lucas’ member, taking it delicately into his mouth and beginning to lightly tongue at it. Little does he know, Lucas is wide awake, and when he catches John in a compromised position, John apologizes, but Lucas lets him know the important thing now is that he finishes what he started, so John dives back into giving head, now with much more determination and enthusiasm. He sucks Lucas until he’s nice and hard, and then Lucas returns the favor as John strokes his cock, keeping him hard for what comes next. Lucas bends John over and gives slips his hard dick deep inside John’s hole, bareback fucking him from behind. John realizes reality exceeds his fantasies as he takes every inch of Lucas’ hard cock, before flipping over onto his back to finish. He strokes himself off as Lucas continues to fuck him hard, spitting his load onto his chest as Lucas looks on. Ready to drop his load, Lucas tells John to flip over one more time, and when he does, Lucas fucks John doggy style until he’s ready to burst, pulling out just enough to blast John’s freshly fucked hole with his nut, before shoving it back in and breeding his buddy nice and proper.” — Next Door Studios


Mike Stone tops Dakota Young

Dakota Young & Mike Stone (Next Door Studios)

Mike Stone and Dakota Young are reunited and it feels so good. Because this time Mike is going to creampie Dakota’s tight little hole.


Michael H.

Michael H. (All American Guys)

“The super sexy and built Michael H. is a native of South Florida, born and raised. He enjoys lifting weights and is working on getting known in the fitness modeling circuit as a physique competitor. Michael breeds dogs and also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing. Check out All American Guys for lots of video footage of the not-shy muscle hunk.” — All American Guys


Jack tops Manny

Jack & Manny (Sean Cody)

“Since Manny and Jack haven’t met before, Jack decided to introduce himself in a less conventional way…with a splash! What better way to meet somebody for the first time than being half naked together in a pool? These two hotties really hit off, and the attraction was instant. ‘The chemistry is steaming right now.’ Jack was clearly excited. ‘For sure! I’m ready for this.’ Manny was prepared to take whatever was coming to him. ‘I can’t wait to get my hands on you…’ Jack sized Manny up. He couldn’t wait to breed and seed him, and Manny couldn’t wait to be man-handled by the friendly, but rough muscle giant.” — Sean Cody


Connor does Zeb & Brayden

Born And Bred In Kansas City 3 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Zeb treats Brayden to a blowjob. Then Connor joins them to make a Brayden sandwich.


Kennedy tops Brayden

Born And Bred In Kansas City 2 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Brayden strokes his hard cock while Kennedy fucks his face. Then Kennedy drills Brayden’s tight ass.


Connor does Brayden & Colt

Born And Bred In Kansas City — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Connor makes a sex tape during a hot threeway with Brayden and Colt. He makes a POV blowjob video of Brayden sucking them off. Then he records himself fucking both their asses.


Kris Bjorn

Kristian Bjorn

Kristian Bjorn is one of the best known brands in gay porn, but back in the day he was an especially slutty porn stud. Putting a leg up on the bike like that just screams, “Come and fuck me!” (Sweatbands always make a guy look easy, don’tcha think?) The hottest scene he ever filmed was a threesome with Bill Henson and Nick Harlen from the vintage porn film The New Breed. More pouty porn pics after the jump…