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Cory Evans

Vintage gay porn star Cory Evans

Friday Flashback: Alright, alright, alright. Here’s hot boudoir shots of vintage hottie Cory Evans, who was active between 1992 and 1996. His corn-fed good looks — shades of Matthew McConaughey — made him the perfect go-to guy if you wanted to spank it to a randy farmhand fantasy.


Jesse Tyler

Vintage gay porn star Jesse Tyler naked at the beach

This Friday Flashback is all different kinds of retro. The model is ’90s porn star Jesse Tyler, and he got one of those trendy Caesar cuts you used to see all the time back when George Clooney was still on ER. He’s also wearing one of those old-timey bathing suits from the early 1900s. But frolicking in the surf on a warm summer day never goes out of style.


Leather daddy Tony Ganz in B&W

Vintage gay porn star Tony Ganz

Friday Flashback: This week it’s Tony Ganz looking smoking hot in leather. He’s ready to show you who’s boss. See the rest of his pin-ups after the jump…

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Nick Chase

Nick Chase

This Colt Legend, Nick Chase, is the former mayor of West Hollywood. What, you think a cock shot would ever stop the people of California from putting a guy in office? A well known AIDS activist under his real name (Steve Schulte), he’s currently a health care advocate.

More nude photos of Nick from Colt Studios after the jump…


Rick Koch

Rick Koch (Colt Studio Group)

Flashback to the gay ’90s with male stripper turned Colt calender man Rick Koch. He was dancing for Chippendales when a friend passed his name on to Jim French who preserved this hairy hunk’s gorgeous physique in these rare nude photos.


Tony Lombardy in B&W

Vintage nude model Tony Lombardy (Colt Studio)

Some vintage beefcake from the Colt Studio vaults. Cute and cuddly furry bear cub Tony Lombardy.


Byron Hawkwood

Byron Hawkwood (Colt Studio Group)

Another from the Colt Studio vaults. Byron Hawkwood is the quintessential ’80s man — a beefcake pin-up from my porn stash who has an actual porn ‘stache.


Devlin in B&W

Classic Colt model Devlin (Icons)

Some vintage black and white Colt Studio beefcake photos of handsome blond bodybuilder Devlin.


Link Benedict in B&W

Link Benedict (Colt Studio Group)

It’s vintage Colt muscle man Link Benedict circa 1987 naked and covered in baby oil. This square-jawed bodybuilder was featured in Colt’s first Minute Man Solo video.


Andy Mantegna

Vintage gay porn star Andy Mantegna

A Friday night flashback. Back in the day — like ye olde time information superhighway days when usenet was still a thing — this guy used to be one of my favorite models. His name was Andy Mantegna. Even though he posed for a handful of nude photo shoots, he only appeared in one gay porn video. (The classic Joey Stefano fuck flick Plunge from Falcon Studios.) Unfortunately, he’s no longer with us.


Hal Rockland

Vintage gay porn star Hal Rockland

It’s vintage gay porn star Hal Rockland circa October 1997. Hal was the second of three brothers to enter the adult industry. I remember having a huge porn crush on this guy back in the day. He was a Falcon Exclusive at the time, so his pictures were everywhere. Word is he dropped out of porn and became a born again Christian. The most recent update I could find, allegedly from his brother Vince, says he wound up in the construction business.


JD Amos

Naked bodybuilder JD Amos (Colt Studios Icon)

It’s classic Colt model JD Amos, a hung naked bodybuilder, looking slick and shiny as he wets his big, beefy muscles by the pool.


Thom Barron

Gay porn star Thom Barron

Some more shots of vintage gay porn hunk Thom Barron showing off his sexy round ass and veiny, 9-and-a-half inch cock.


Wayne Mills

Wayne Mills

Some vintage black and white body shots of classic Colt model and herculean bodybuilder Wayne Mills.