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Quinn Jaxon behind the scenes

Cute and cocky Andrew Christian model Quinn Jaxon needs undies that have a nice stretchy crotch. To bad his cock gets pixelated when he goes full frontal. But no worries. We’ve already seen it.


Quinn Jaxon in “Peep Show”

Remember that Sharon Stone movie Sliver? I’ll forgive you if you don’t. It was awful. Anyway, cute bubble butted Quinn Jaxon stars in this Andrew Christian video that seems to be an homage to the sleazy erotic thriller. Watch Quinn strip down and get horned up as a he spies on his naked buddies.


Quinn Jaxon

Glamour shots and candid photos of Quinn Christopher Jaxon and friends (including Brent Corrigan) on the set of Andrew Christian‘s Jockstrap Cowboys video.


Pink Pool Party Paradise

Bumped. Because it’s seasonally appropriate. And because this uncensored “too hot for YouTube” Andrew Christian video has been posted online then taken offline then put back online then taken off again. And is now, once again, back. For good I hope.

Featuring the always yummy Quinn Jaxon among others. I love how Quinn deepthroats that hot dog. Just follow the bouncing balls…


Brent Corrigan


Glamour shots of bubble butted porn superstar Brent Corrigan and friends (including Quinn Christopher Jaxon) on the set of Andrew Christian‘s Jockstrap Cowboys video.


Jockstrap Cowboys (uncensored)

Jockstrap Cowboys by Andrew Christian from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.

A butt-baring Andrew Christian video featuring Brent Corrigan (using his “legit” stage name Sean) and Quinn Christopher Jaxon (aka Kurt Madison).