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Phenix Saint tops Billy Santoro

Billy Santoro & Phenix Saint (Men Over 30)

Billy Santoro finds a way of making laundry day more fun by getting his boyfriend Phenix Saint to fuck him on the washing machine while they wait for the rinse cycle to complete.


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Phenix Saint tops Trace Kendall

Man Date -- Trace Kendall does Phenix Saint (Str8 to Gay)

Phenix Saint shows up for a blind date expecting to find a girl — but instead finds a dude. Awkward! But no worries. Trace Kendall’s an expert at getting horny straight boys out of their clothes and into his bed. Trace not only gets his man, but he also gets a hot load of cum all over his face.


Phenix Saint bottoms

Drill My Hole -- Colby Keller & Connor Maguire spit-fuck Phenix Saint in Cum Right In

Even though is juicy butt is not stranger to cock, Phenix Saint is normally a top. But when his solo jack off session is interrupted by two hung and horny fuckers, Connor Maguire and Colby Keller, he won’t be satified unless they plug both of his holes. Watch Phenix get spit-fucked in Drill My Hole‘s Cum Right In.


Phenix Saint tops RC Ryan

Phenix Saint fucks RC Ryan

Phenix Saint fucks RC Ryan at CockyBoys.com. More hardcore cock sucking and butt fucking pics after the jump…


Phenix Saint

Phenix Saint

Remember when Phenix Saint had emo hair? Here he is stroking his morning wood.


March 2011 — Phenix Saint

A 1024 x 768 Phenix Saint wallpaper from Falcon Studios. Larger sizes available here if this one’s too small.


Phenix Saint

Phenix Saint

Phenix Saint looks awfully pleased with himself. Can’t say I blame him. More naked pics from Chaos Men after the jump…


Phenix bottoms for Jarec

Body Shots -- Phenix Saint & Jarec Wentworth (Str8 to Gay)

Phenix Saint is a horny photographer who takes a page out of Terry Richardson’s playbook by sexing up one of his models. If model Jarec Wentworth wants another job, he’s going to have to put out.


Golden Gate: The Phenix Nest

Golden Gate Season 4 Episode 4: The Phenix Nest Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Tommy Defendi rides Phenix Saint’s cock in the fourth episode of season four of Naked Sword’s web series Golden Gate.


Spencer & Phenix tag team Trent

Spencer Reed, Trent Diesel and Phenix Saint

Spencer Reed and Phenix Saint cram both their cocks down Trent Diesel‘s throat in this scene from Mustang’s Depths of Desire 2.

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Edging Phenix

Scene from Edge 2Bryan Ockert of Chaos Men gives Phenix Saint a long drawn out blowjob.

Phenix blows Samuel O’Toole

Phenix licks an O'Toole

Samuel O’Toole stuffs his big dick into Phenix Saint‘s warm mouth.

Phenix embarrasses Samuel when he catches him jacking off to porn. But it’s cool! Phenix is willing to help a buddy out. He drops to his knees and starts sucking Samuel’s cock.


“The Key Party”

Jake Steel, John Magnum, Rocco Reed, Spencer Fox, Phenix Saint and Tommy Defendi

I saw this in a movie once. It’s a great way to pass the time during an ice storm. Get a large group of friends together. Then let half of them toss their car keys into a bowl. The other half draws the keys out at random. The person who owns the keys you draw is the person you have sex with. Sounds fun, right?