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Paddy O’Brian & Nicolas Brooks

Paddy O'Brian & Nicolas Brooks (Drill My Hole)

Paddy O’Brian and his wife are staying in a spooky house. She runs off to take care of some errands and Paddy decides to invite Nicolas Brooks over for some sexy fun. The wife comes back early and catches them in the act, but Paddy finds a way to convince her that Nicolas isn’t really there.” — Drill My Hole


Jarec Wentworth & Nicoli Cole

The Listener -- Jarec Wentworth & Nicoli Cole (Drill My Hole)

Jarec Wentworth gives Nicoli Cole exactly what he wants — fucking him so good Nicoli has a hands-free orgasm.


Roman Todd tops Nicoli Cole

Runaway -- Roman Todd fucks Nicoli Cole. (Drill My Hole)

Roman Todd gets a hot piece of ass from Hispanic hottie Nicoli Cole. First Nicoli brings Roman to the edge with a mind-blowing blowjob. Then he lets Roman drill his smooth ass until Roman pulls out and busts a nut all over Nicoli’s face. Nicoli is so thirsty for cum he starts lapping it up before Roman’s cock is finished squirting.


Diego Sans tops Nicoli Cole

Serial Fucker -- Diego Sans fucks Nicoli Cole's juicy ass. (Drill My Hole)

Diego Sans chokes Nicoli Cole with his big dick. Then he fucks that juicy ass before cumming all over Nicoli’s face.


Adam Bryant tops Nicoli Cole

Str8 to Gay -- Adam Bryant & Nicoli Cole (Mistlehoe)

Some holiday humping from Str8 to Gay. Adam Bryant’s a rather dimwitted straight boy who seems to think that whole mistletoe thing is mandatory when he gets hustled by horny homo Nicoli Cole.


Leo Domenico tops Allen King

The Business of Sex -- Allen King & Leo Domenico (The Gay Office)

Allen King’s an ambitious office slut who’s gonna fuck his way to the top. He doesn’t mind putting in some overtime with Leo Domenico.


Leo Domenico & Adam Wirthmore

Adam Wirthmore wants Leo Domenico's cock

Adam Wirthmore gets Leo Domenico’s cock in his third and final Porn Date.


Diego Lauzen tops Leo Domenico

Leo Domenico & Diego Lauzen

Job hunter Diego Lauzen would do anything to get hired. And that includes fucking his future boss Leo Domenico when they get stuck in an elevator.


Chip Nicolas

Chip Nicolas

Chip Nicolas is probably best known by his primary straight porn alias Niko. Chip has a jack off scene in MSR’s First Crush. As Niko, he appears solo in the gay porn flicks Me, Myself and I and Mischief. He also has a smoking hot bondage scene in Bondo Gods 2.

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4th Annual Manatomy Award Highlights!

“The Fourth Annual Manatomy Awards are finally here, and this year’s forty-three categories feature some of hottest scenes to ever hit Mr. Man! On this Mr. Man Minute we have just a taste of what you can find on our free full Manatomy Awards page. Check out the year’s best hardcore gay sex in Jesús, Lyriq Bent’s award-winning butt, the best television show for nudity, the best nude twink getting wet and wild in Departure, and more!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Mr. Man Minute 10/16/2015

Catch a peek of Crimson Peak‘s Charlie Hunnam in the buff.

video source: Mr. Man


Paddy & Leo do Dato Foland

Leo Domenic, Dato Foland & Paddy O'Brian

Paddy O’Brian and his private eye Leo Domenico finally catch up with the pervy stalker who’s been spying on Paddy. It’s turns out his secret admirer is Dato Foland. Paddy and Leo give his ass a punishing pounding. From part four of Voyeur at Men of UK.


Paddy & Leo flip-fuck

Paddy O'Brian & Leo Domenico

Paddy O’Brian gives Leo Domenico a taste of his cock. Then they take turns fucking each other while a pervy voyeur secretly tapes their tryst. Watch Paddy O’Brian get fucked in the ass again in part two of Voyeur at Men of UK.


Dato Foland bottoms

Dato Foland & Leo Domenico

In his first bottoming scene, Dato Foland plays a lowly janitor who gets fucked by his bastard boss Leo Domenico. If Leo doesn’t make Dato cum real hard, I smell an expensive sexual harassment lawsuit.