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Trystan Bull jacking off

Trystan Bull got hard while taking a shower, so he’s jerking off to some porn. Full video’s in HD at Next Door Male

Jesse Santana

Gay porn star Jesse Santana (Playgirl)

Friday Flashback: Pierced porn superstar Jesse Santana recently came out of retirement for a scene with his real-life boyfriend Tyler Roberts. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a little reminder of some of Jesse’s charms. In these stills from his jerk off scene in the Playgirl solo video Good To the Last Drop Jesse plays with his plump penis until he pops a wad.


Nathaniel’s ready to get started

Nathaniel (Sean Cody)

Nathaniel pretty much likes to do anything outdoors; hiking, surfing, you name it. As a result from the active lifestyle, he’s pretty satisfied with his body, “I love my body, you know, I’m very comfortable with myself, and I really love my abs… and something else!” He reached down to his dick and rubbed it… clearly he couldn’t wait to get started! In the car on our way to the house, he whipped out his dick and started to jerk off right there. “We need to get back to the house now… fast!” — Sean Cody

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Raphael (Sean Cody)

“We haven’t met anybody as horny as Raphael in a while. He woke up in the morning with a huge boner, and couldn’t stop touching himself while we were trying to interview him… so we just let him take care of that big dick of his. This hot Latino takes good care of his body, and he’s pretty intense, “I’m a very pushy person, if I want something I’m gonna go get it!” Watching him jerk off was a workout in and of itself! He pumped that hung cock so hard until a huge load of cum came right out, which prompted sexy moans and groans…” — Sean Cody



Nixon (Sean Cody)

Sean Cody struck gold with this one. Nixon‘s a drop-dead gorgeous bodybuilder who likes to stay in top shape year round. See his workout routine and then watch him jerk off…


“Five-Card Stud”

Zack puts on a j/o show for Pascal after he loses a game of strip poker.


Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor (Randy Blue)

Gorgeous Latin bodybuilder Jacob Taylor unleashes the beast — and a hot wad of cum — when he drops his tight purple undies for his first solo scene.


Paddy & Theo fuck for Damien

Men of UK -- Damien Crosse, Paddy O'Brian & Theo Ford (Do As I Say)

Damien Crosse likes to watch. He orders Theo Ford to do Paddy O’Brian so he can jerk off while watching them fuck. When they finish fucking Damien eats their cum. It’s a kinky voyeurism scene from Men of UK.



Parker's gonna jerk off.

Parker‘s a naughty boy who likes getting head in public places. Watch him play with his cock as it drips pre-cum.


Benjamin Godfre & Shawn Wolfe

Shawn Wolfe & Benjamin Godfre

Those early press releases said Benjamin Godfre would only do solo jack off porn. But that isn’t entirely true. In this masturbation scene with Shawn Wolfe, the two horny studs jerk off together, but then Shawn dares Benjamin to cum on his face. So Benjamin puts Shawn in a headlock and squirts a load directly into Shawn’s open mouth!


Benjamin Godfre j.o. – Relax!

benjamin godfre jerk off 2nd brought to you by PornHub

This is what it would look like if you gave Benjamin Godfre a blowjob and then he tried to cum on your face. Maybe he was listening to Frankie Goes to Hollywood before he started this cum spurting jack off video, because right after the cum shot he says, “It’s just a fucking jerk off video, people. Relax!” While wearing a gas mask of all things. You’re supposed to relax when you’re going to cum, Benji.


Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed jacking his huge cock at Next Door Male. More big dick shots after the jump…


Dexter’s killer cock


Hung muscle hunk Dexter rubs one out at Dirty Tony


James Jamesson

James Jamesson

Hunky, athletic redhead James Jamesson showing off his fat wang and big, round muscular ass. More hot nudes after the jump…