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Colby Keller tops Will Wikle

Will Wikle & Colby Keller (CockyBoys)

Watch Colby Keller shove his big dick up Will Wikle‘s perfect blond bubble butt in The Stillest Hour.


Will Wikle blows Colby Keller

Colby Keller & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle is a therapist with some serious impulse control problems. Watch him drop to his knees to give his patient (Colby Keller) a blowjob.


Colby Keller tops Will Wikle

Colby Keller & Will Wikle in The Stillest Hour (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle‘s long awaited porn debut is finally here. We’ve posted shots of his luscious bubble butt before — with just a hint of dick meat. Now here’s a better look at his cock. (Looks like there’s enough meat there to keep his husband Mason Star happy.) And you can finally see that ass get pounded when he bottoms for Colby Keller. Levi Karter is served up as the main course in part one of The Stillest Hour, but these promotional stills provide a closer look at the Big Brother star’s brief encounter with Colby Keller.


Diego Sans tops Colby Keller

Diego Sans & Colby Keller (Drill My Hole)

Colby Keller bottoms for Diego Sans. Colby is a Trump supporter. So I hope Diego, a Latino immigrant, fucked him hard without any lube, because that’s exactly what a Trump presidency would do to the country and the rest of the world.


Colby Keller tops Alex Mecum

Colby Keller & Alex Mecum (Gods of Men)

“There is no denying that Colby Keller and Alex Mecum are a perfect match. Colby knows just how to fuck Alex to make him cum a huge load while being drilled, and then shoots a nice big load of his own.” — Gods of Men


Jimmy Durano tops Colby Keller

Jimmy Durano & Colby Keller (Drill My Hole)

Colby Keller wants Jimmy Durano to fuck him harder.


Colby Keller

Gay porn star Colby Keller at the beach.

It’s Colby Keller enjoying the sun and surf in a sexy striped Mr. Turk speedo.


Paddy O’Brian tops Colby Keller

Howl -- Colby Keller & Paddy O'Brian (Drill My Hole)

Paddy O’Brian puts the London in an American werewolf when he initiates Colby Keller into his wolf pack. Paddy drills Colby’s ass and shoots spunk all over his beard.


Colby Keller tops Dato Foland

Affairs -- Colby Keller fucks Dato Foland (Gods of Men)

Dato Foland schedules a secret rendezvous with his lover Colby Keller in an abandoned building. After swapping blowjobs, Colby bends Dato over and starts eating his hole. Then he slips his pretty cock into Dato’s luscious, round ass. After some kissing and fucking, Colby pulls out and blows his wad all over Dato’s back. Then he makes out with Dato until he rubs one out.


Colby Keller tops Duncan Black

Sauna Slut -- Colby Keller fucks Duncan Black in the shower (Drill My Hole)

Duncan Black’s a horny, little bath house slut who quenches his cock thirst by going down on Colby Keller when he finds him in the shower. As Colby holds Duncan by the chin, fucking his mouth, Duncan slurps the water off Colby’s dick as the water drizzles down on them. Colby holds nothing back when he leans Duncan against the wall to fuck his sweet ass. They get down on the floor for a pile-driving piston pump. Duncan splooges all over his chest. Then Colby dumps a creamy load all over Duncan — shooting a thick wad directly into Duncan’s open mouth, leaving this sauna slut thoroughly satisfied.


Colby Keller tops Toby Dutch

Gay of Thrones -- Colby Keller fucks Toby Dutch (Drill My Hole)

Colby Keller and Toby Dutch certainly look the part as the make love among the ruins in the fourth installment of Drill My Hole‘s gay porn parody of the HBO series Game of Thrones. Colby fucks Toby’s ass and then drops a thick cum wad all over Toby’s scruffy face.


Colby Keller tops Luke Adams

Last Call -- Colby Keller fucks Luke Adams hot ass!

Luke Adams gets banged by bartender Colby Keller in Last Call at Drill My Hole. But this bartender does more than sling drinks. When he’s finished with Luke, Colby lets him drink a creamy shot of cum right from the tap.


Cole Streets tops Colby Keller

Hairy Fuckers 4 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Handsome, bearded hunk Colby Keller bends over for fellow furry fucker Cole Streets.


Colby Keller bottoms again

Colby Keller & Jarec Wentworth

Gay porn superstar Colby Keller has electrifying chemistry with hairy hunk Jarec Wentworth when stops by Randy Blue for a bottoming scene. Colby’s an insatiable cocksucker and an enthusiastic bottom. And he’s happy to swallow nearly every drop when Jarec shoots a load straight into his open mouth.