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“Boys to Adore Galore”

Two sets of threesomes go at it in this erotic documentary by Jake Jaxson. Jett Black and Bravo Delta spit fuck Levi Karter. And Ricky Roman and Dillon Rossi do Max Ryder. Hop over to Cocky Boys the grand finale at Cocky Boys — JD Phoenix getting gang banged by the other six guys.


“Austony: A Cockumentary”

Austony A Cockumentary — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Real life porn couple Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero invite Arnaud Chagall into their bedroom for a hot threeway. From the Cocky Boys doc Austony: A Cockumentary.


Phenix Saint tops RC Ryan

Phenix Saint fucks RC Ryan

Phenix Saint fucks RC Ryan at CockyBoys.com. More hardcore cock sucking and butt fucking pics after the jump…


Daily Dude — Jack Hunter

Horseung gay porn star Jack Hunter

Versatile and hung like a horse, Jack Hunter lives up to the manly quality of his porn name. You’ll get lost in his pretty blue eyes and dream of feeling the pressure of his muscular torso against yours as he drives that hard, eight-inch rod deep inside you. On the other hand, he’s versatile and you might prefer the fantasy of taking his sweet, tight ass yourself!

Back when he was just another big-dicked wannabe porn stud going by the name of Jack Thermann, Jack did a three-scene interracial flick called Bareback Jack for Ch. 2 Productions. This movie showed that he was meant for, ahem, bigger things.

Watch Jack as the star of Jack Has a Big Fat Dick (Cockyboys) and you’ll fall hard in lust. — Bio by AEBN

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Josh Moore tops Taylor Reign

Taylor Reign is a submissive bottom who loves getting dominated, and Josh Moore is ready to fulfill Taylor’s fantasy. With Taylor bound and blindfolded, Josh uses Taylor’s body for his own pleasure, keeping him on the edge with a rimjob and spanking before he finally fucks Taylor’s tight ass.


Jimmy Durano tops Will Wikle

Will Wikle & Jimmy Durano (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle bottoms for Jimmy Durano under an outdoor shower on Fire Island.


Will Wikle blows Jimmy Durano

Jimmy Durano & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

After spending a day at the beach, Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle take it to the next level with a little oral foreplay in Will Wikle’s second hardcore feature.


Colby Keller tops Will Wikle

Will Wikle & Colby Keller (CockyBoys)

Watch Colby Keller shove his big dick up Will Wikle‘s perfect blond bubble butt in The Stillest Hour.


Will Wikle blows Colby Keller

Colby Keller & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle is a therapist with some serious impulse control problems. Watch him drop to his knees to give his patient (Colby Keller) a blowjob.


Colby Keller tops Will Wikle

Colby Keller & Will Wikle in The Stillest Hour (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle‘s long awaited porn debut is finally here. We’ve posted shots of his luscious bubble butt before — with just a hint of dick meat. Now here’s a better look at his cock. (Looks like there’s enough meat there to keep his husband Mason Star happy.) And you can finally see that ass get pounded when he bottoms for Colby Keller. Levi Karter is served up as the main course in part one of The Stillest Hour, but these promotional stills provide a closer look at the Big Brother star’s brief encounter with Colby Keller.


David Corey tops Arnaud Chagall

Arnaud Chagall’s sexy ass gets licked and lubed before David Corey fills it with his hard cock.


Gabriel Clark tops Asher Hawk

Asher Hawk’s wet dreams cum true when he finally gets to hookup with his gay porn idol Gabriel Clark and takes a rough and kinky ass pounding.


Gabriel Clark & Sonny Stewart

Sonny Stewart gives Gabriel Clark a blowjob, then he bends over to let Gabriel eat his ass. After his hole is nice and lubed, Gabriel fucks his tight hole.


Duncan Black tops Levi Karter

Super cute and versatile porn pups Duncan Black and Levi Karter team up for a flip-flop fuck scene. Duncan has the first go at Levi’s cute ass. Then Duncan bends over to give Levi a turn.


Levi Karter j/o

Cute Cocky Boy Levi Karter alone and having some happy fun time with some battery powered toys — a vibrating butt plug, some cock sleeves, penis pumps…