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Chip Tanner & Cody Lake

Cody Lake & Chip Tanner

Chip Tanner nails furry twink Cody Lake.


Chip Tanner & Diego Sans

Chip Tanner & diego Sans

Chip Tanner and Diego Sans take turns sucking each other off…


Chip Tanner blows Vinny Dias

Vinny Dias fucks Chip Tanner's face

Chip Tanner gives Vinny Dias a smoking blowjob and gets a creamy facial at Randy Blue…


Chip Tanner tops Eric Pryor

Chip Tanner fucks Eric Pryor

Eric Pryor bottoms for Chip Tanner at Randy Blue…


Jarrett Rex tops Chip Tanner

Chip and Jarrett fucking

Chip Tanner‘s tight bubble butt gets reamed by Jarrett Rex


Chip Tanner makes fitness pr0n

There aren’t enough exercise videos of half naked men posted on YouTube. Chip Tanner, with help from Travis James, hopes to fill the void.

Andrew Stark & Chip Tanner

Andrew Stark goes down on Chip Tanner

Chip Tanner‘s ass get reamed by Andrew Stark‘s beer-can-thick cock. More hardcore shots after the jump…


Chip Tanner

Chip Tanner

Chip Tanner in another impressive glamour shoot from Randy Blue


Justin Blakely tops Chip Tanner

Justin Blakely and Chip Tanner

Looks like Chip Tanner flipped for Justin Blakely. More hardcore shots from Randy Blue after the jump…


Chip & Ryan flip fuck

Chip Tanner & Ryan Rockford

Ryan Rockford and Chip Tanner take turns fucking each other at Randy Blue…


“Untitled (How Does It Feel)”

Becoming a sex symbol because of this video (which has been flagged by YouTube as inappropriate) ruined his life, but he’s making a comeback

Once again Chip Tanner is proven right about YouTube’s double standard. Whenever a video treats a man like a sex object, YouTube loses its shit. But when a woman is treated like a sex object…


Cayden Ross

Cayden Ross

Glamour shots of Rand Blue exclusive Cayden Ross showing his big muscles and fat cock. More nudes after the jump…


Booty shake

Chip Tanner and Reese Rideout spoof another girl-girl video.

See also: Equal gay for equal work

Equal gay for equal work

Chip Tanner‘s pissed because YouTube keeps deleting his homoerotic videos, but it doesn’t seem to have a problem with lesbian videos. So Chip and his buddy Reese Rideout are protesting YouTube’s double standard by reenacting a risque girl-girl video.

h/t: Queerty