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Pr0n: Jean-Claude Van Damme

Posted by on August 24, 2011 in the Pr0n category with 3 comments

From the Z-grade martial arts thriller Double Impact, a gratuitous shot of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s perfect ass while he’s doing the splits in tights that leave nothing to the imagination.

Feels like this scene was crafted by someone who was hiding deep in the closet. No other reason to shoot it from that angle. There’s something so very 1950s muscleman magazine about it.

Campy queer moviess from TLA Gay!

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3 Replies
  1. bound 4glory Aug 25th 2011

    Any tighter and you’d be able to see the outline of his manhole.

  2. Moonraker Aug 26th 2011

    I’m sorry his movie career took off. If all his movie’s bombed he could’ve sold that ass in European porn. Isn’t he a sex addict or something?

  3. Lifebuoy Aug 26th 2011

    Makes me want a lap dance.

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