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Philippe’s audition

Posted by on July 6, 2015 in the Stroke If Ya Got 'Em category with no comments

Phillipe — an 18-year-old StockBar stripper with a sweet and still innocent looking smile — does more than just take off his clothes during his hardcore Maskurbate audition.

“18 years old Philippe came to audition for Maskurbate. He’s been dancing at Stockbar for only 2 months at the time of this shooting and really likes this new attention he’s getting from everybody. You’ll quickly understand why he is the new sensation in town. Even though is young age, Philippe is very experienced and confident. He first had sex at 14 with an older woman, he is great in many sports, he knows that his smile and gorgeous bedroom eyes can get him anywhere, both men and women want to have a taste of him. Another great addition to Maskurbate!” — Maskurbate

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