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Pascal blows Pierre Fitch

Posted by on June 25, 2015 in the Kneel At the Alter category with no comments

Eternally young porn star Pierre Fitch plays along and wears a mask when he visits the set of Maskurbate. (As if we wouldn’t know who he is because we can’t see his cheekbones.) He gets stripped naked and serviced by that horny cock fiend Pascal, who sucks his cock to completion and then licks him clean.

“In addition of bringing you hot straight boys, I decided to start a new series where I get to meet and enjoy famous pornstars. This first episode features the new & improved Pierre Fitch. Pierre has been in the porn industry for 17 years now. Once would think that his career is finished because of his age but Pierre made sure he could stay in the spotlight for a very long time. He seriously got into major badass workouts. He shows up with an amazing body. He stopped drinking and he is very careful about his nutrition. To be honest, he looks younger now than 5 years ago. Congrats Pierre and btw, your cock is even more impressive in person! It was a joy meeting you!” — Maskurbate

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