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Nixon (Sean Cody)

Sean Cody struck gold with this one. Nixon‘s a drop-dead gorgeous bodybuilder who likes to stay in top shape year round. See his workout routine and then watch him jerk off…

Join Sean Cody to watch horny young hunks in all-male action.

Nixon is an all-around nice guy with the good looks and a charming personality to go with it. He does bodybuilding so he works on his physique quite a lot, and it shows seeing as he’s in great shape! ‘I try to stay lean year round, as you can see.’ He’s never hooked up with a guy, but has definitely thought about it and is open to the idea of it… which is a good thing for us! Nixon seemed shy at some points, but that was just his innocent charm… he was actually pretty comfortable whipping out his dick to jerk off and shoot a huge load all over the place!” — Sean Cody

Nixon (Sean Cody)

Nixon (Sean Cody)

Nixon (Sean Cody)

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