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Neil Thomas tops Chris Stone

Posted by on February 2, 2012 in the Gay Porn Movies category with 2 comments

In which I continue to indulge my decades long Chris Stone obsession. His hot Latin ass gets piston pumped by Neil Thomas‘s big beautiful boner in this scene from Jocks’ Stiff Competition.

Click here to watch the full scene at JocksStudios.com, or go here for the feature-length porn video.

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2 Replies
  1. Hi
    I too have always fancied Chris Stone
    i also have an interset in finding out what happened to these great guys after they finished in Porn. Any ideas what happened to Chris? And where is he now?

  2. I heard a rumor about him settling down on the east coast and getting a regular job. But I wouldn’t repeat the specifics because they’re probably not true.

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