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Mathias (Active Duty)

“Mathias is our newest recruit and he’s one hunk of a cutie! He a bit of a shy guy, but we know some of our most reticent rookies have become powerhouse veterans. Mathias has a cool, mysterious vibe that’s gonna break a lot of hearts around here.From stroking at a medium pace on the couch, Mathias stands up and increases the pace a bit. Claude gets a nice shot from underneath, giving us a look at Mathias’s ass. Then it’s back to the couch where Mathias kicks up a leg and gets even more comfy. Claude moves all around this fine specimen, at one point getting a shot from Mathias’s point of view. Mathias stands up again from there, and Claude captures another view from over Mathias’s shoulder. This is a great chance to check out Mathias’s abs. His dog tags bounce off his chest and stomach as his masculine hands work that fat, erect dick.Back on the couch, Mathias really explores himself, letting his free hand wander all over his toned bod. With his legs spread far apart, Mathias lets his inhibitions slip a little further away. Finally, Mathias leans back again, fully reclining on the couch. Claude gets some nice close-ups of his face before Mathias erupts a big, sticky load, all over himself.” — Active Duty

Mathias (Active Duty)

Mathias (Active Duty)

Mathias (Active Duty)

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  1. F. Dorn Apr 10th 2017

    I am just wondering, everytime when I look out in the internet, to
    see so many handsome men in delicious poses.
    Where do they all come from, I mean I don´t meet anybody of them where I live. This chance is making me sad

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