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Little Joe never gave it away

Posted by on December 31, 2011 in the Gay Porn Movies category with 4 comments

There’s hidden treasure for vintage porn fans buried inside the classic Jack Wrangler fuck flick Hot House — footage from a gay porn loop within the gay porn film, starring iconic sex symbol Joe Dallesandro.

It’s a real eyeopener for anyone who came to know the Warhol Superstar for the “rough trade” persona he created in the racy underground movies of Paul Morrisey.

The grainy black-and-white stag film shows Little Joe’s walk on the wild side with a horsehung beatnik who smacks Dallesandro’s handsome face with his gigantic, uncut cock before feeding it to his hungry mouth. One shot shows Joe getting a blowjob from a second man. There’s also a shot of Little Joe bent over with his ass in the air, licking his lips as he gets reamed from behind, and another showing his perfect bubble butt as he sits on a stiff prick. The parting shot has Joe grinning boyishly from ear to ear as he showers with the guy who just fucked him.

A blurry, heavily pixelated clip of this footage has been floating around the internet for years, but this is as close to pristine as you’ll ever see it. Click the video above to watch Joe Dallesandro suck dick, eat ass, and get fucked up the butt!

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4 Replies
  1. josiguy Jan 1st 2012

    Hi i really want to buy this clip how do i go about getting it.I have all the movies that he made at “the Factory”

  2. I have it on DVD from the 1977 Jack Wrangler/Roger film called Hot House. Not sure if it’s still in print, but it’s available for streaming here. The Little Joe footage is inter-cut with the Jack Wrangler/Jayson MacBride blowjob scene.

  3. benji Jan 3rd 2012

    Excellent! I didn’t realize Joe was a bottom. In all my years of lusting after him, I always saw him as a top.

  4. Not me Benji!I have fantasized fucking that bubblebutt literally hundreds of times!This is a dream cum true.That’s the great thing about Little Joe-he can be whatever you want him to be.The perfect male sex object!!

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