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Killian Owens

Posted by on January 7, 2017 in the Eye Candy category with 1 comment

Killian Owens (All American Guys)

“Killian Owens is 5’9, 160 lbs. He is 20-years-old and just recently started his fitness modeling career this year. Killian’s first professional shoot was behind the lens of Michael Downs at the 2016 Olympia in Vegas, Nevada. Killian was only recently debuted on AAG and is still brand new to the scene. You can expect to see alot more from him in 2017!” — All American Guys

Killian Owens (All American Guys)

Killian Owens (All American Guys)

Killian Owens (All American Guys)

Killian Owens (All American Guys)

All American Guys
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  1. Bill Christie Jan 8th 2017

    Killian Owens is so refreshing, and great looking. Perfectly clean body, perfect proportions. A breath of fresh air in a plethora of models who are inked, pierced, hairy all over, and do not pay attention to the look that people desire. He’s got a great future!

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