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Jeff Blythe

Posted by on November 21, 2010 in the Whoa Daddy! category with 2 comments

Jeff Blythe

Jeff Blythe from the May ’96 issue of Men Magazine. Probably best known by his gay porn alias Sam Crockett. Sam is a country boy from North Carolina. If you had a scary, redneck gym teacher in high school, and you wanted to get fucked by that scary, redneck gym teacher, Sam was your “go to” guy.

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Jeff Blythe

Jeff Blythe

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2 Replies
  1. wesley Dec 4th 2010

    If he let’s me touch his junk, I’d be glad to let him touch mine. 😉

  2. rowland Mar 18th 2011

    Big daddy can smack my face with that club cock. Want him to rub it on my face and smack my tongue. I’d get it nice and dripping wet in my mouth until he shoots down my throat!

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