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Jackson tops Xavier

Posted by on March 7, 2019 in the The Porn Stash category with no comments

Xavier DePaula & Jackson Phillips (Titan Men)

A Thursday throwback. Is winter over yet? Let’s turn up the heat with some hot shots from Titan Men’s classic Desert Heat — now digitally remastered. Xavier De Paula is a hot little hitchhiker who gets the ride of his life from Jackson Phillips — one of the ’90s most excellent tops. I guess Xavier was all out of gas & grass, so he had to pay with his ass.

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Jackson Phillips & Xavier DePaula in Desert Train (Titan Men)

Xavier DePaula in Desert Train (Titan Men)

Xavier DePaula & Jackson Phillips (Titan Men)

Xavier DePaula & Jackson Phillips (Titan Men)

Xavier DePaula & Jackson Phillips (Titan Men)

Xavier DePaula & Jackson Phillips (Titan Men)

Xavier DePaula & Jackson Phillips (Titan Men)

“Dark, exotic, lean, shirtless Xavier de Paula is roaming the northern California desert. There are a lot of those big windmills around, which provides local color. Mean truck driver Jackson Phillips passes him by; then the karmic tables turn, and his truck breaks down in the middle of the arid desert. Xavier walks up. Evidently frustrated by his inability to fix the engine, Jackson decides to work over Xavier’s chassis. He does it in his usual inimitable style: aggressive, rough, almost angry, with lots of kissing, making out and rubbing of bodies. Jackson quickly fucks Xavier, and after pounding him into the ground until he cums, growls, “You want a ride or no?” After more windmills, their lust surfaces anew and they make out in the truck cab parked next to a moving train — the desert train of the title. Jackson sucks Xavier, and Xavier masturbates to a gushing climax. Jackson offers a typical farewell — a rough kiss and a shove out the door at a roadside diner.” — Titan Men

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