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Evan (Sean Cody)

“‘Deep down I am just looking for love and someone to cook for me!’ Evan laughed.

‘I think today you might be looking in the wrong places,’ I joked with him.

Evan is a sweetheart with a huge ego. He knows that he is attractive, smart and funny and has no problem sharing that with the world. ‘I guess you could say I walk a fine line between confidence and cockiness.’

‘Tell me about yourself.’

‘Well right now I am single and ready to mingle!’ We both busted out laughing.

‘Did you really just say that?’

‘Hey… I never said I was a comedian,’ Evan winked.” — Sean Cody

Evan (Sean Cody)

Evan (Sean Cody)

Evan (Sean Cody)

Evan (Sean Cody)

Evan (Sean Cody)

Evan (Sean Cody)

Join Sean Cody to watch horny young hunks in all-male action.

Sean Cody

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