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Dean and Nixon

Posted by on April 6, 2018 in the Eye Candy category with no comments

Dean & Nixon (Sean Cody)

Nixon and Dean look so fucking hot together in the their matching white swim trunks as they workout by the pool before their big scene. These sexy shots are just a tease. Click here if you want to see them fuck.

Join Sean Cody to watch Dean get “dick-matized” when Nixon pounds his prostate.

Dean & Nixon (Sean Cody)

Dean & Nixon (Sean Cody)

Dean & Nixon (Sean Cody)

“After a leave of absence, Nixon has graced us with his presence again, and Dean couldn’t be more excited! “What doesn’t turn me on about this guy? ‘Cause look at him over there…this guy is a Greek god!” We could certainly see that, especially since there was definitely some worshipping here.” — Sean Cody

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