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Brando on Bankhead

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Early in his career Marlon Brando worked with Tallulah Bankhead. Brando (only 22 at the time) was repulsed by 43-year-old Bankhead’s persistent sexual advances. Here’s bi-curious Brando’s bitchy take on the tart-tongued diva from his autobiography Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me

… Tallulah was an example of a performer who wasn’t much of an actress but who became a star because of a distinctive and unusual personality. She had an engaging deep voice, smelled of Russian Leather perfume and smoked English cigarettes, which she pulled out of a red box, pressed into a long silver holder, and lit slowly and deliberately, as if she were doing it onstage. She had a sharp nose and chin and a slash mouth — perfect casting for the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. With her low, alcohol-fouled voice, Tallulah could be very entertaining. She informed me she’d recently been involved with a man with a huge nose that was covered with warts: he was truly a monument to ugliness, she said, and after she spent a weekend with him, she told a friend she had performed fellatio on him.

Her friend, who knew how ugly he was, said she was astonished. “How could you possibly have done that?”

“Dahling,” Tallulah said, “anything to get away from that face.” …

How positively queenie is that? He even managed to work in a Wizard of Oz reference.

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