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Body of Work: Max Riemelt

Posted by on June 22, 2017 in the Hunk o' Burnin' Lust category with no comments

Netflix canceled Sense8, dammit! That means we’ll have to say goodbye to TV’s hottest and most adorable gay couple as well as Max Riemelt‘s sweet sweet ass. So here’s your consolation prize. Max has a long history of getting undressed on camera. You can enjoy his head-to-toe nakedness and softcore sex scenes by looking back on his Body of Work.

video source: Mr. Man

“Long before he played Wolfgang on Netflix’s Sense8, Max Riemelt was already used to showing off his hot bod onscreen. He may have only worked on some low-budget films, but his low-hanging balls and cute ass were still blockbuster-worthy in our opinion. Sit back, unzip, and enjoy the show while we look back on some of Max’s sexiest clips.” — Mr. Man

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