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Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North)

Posted by on October 14, 2012 in the The Porn Stash category with 3 comments

Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North)

Per request… Assorted pics of Peter North from back when he was doing gay/bi porn as Matt Ramsey — which is something the straight porn legend doesn’t like to talk about now because he got fucked in the ass in nearly every single one of his gay videos.

EDIT: Bumped because I found this Peter North cum shot pic.

Peter North cum shot

Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North)

Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North)

Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North)

Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North)

Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North)

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3 Replies
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  2. jamie Jul 8th 2014

    I would love to make love to him all night long or until he can’t get it hard again.

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