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Tarzan XXX — Diego & Tobias

Tobias & Diego Sans in Tarzan XXX (Super Gay Hero)

“Tied up with vines and threatened by a venomous snake, Tobias struggles to survive in the jungle. It seems Tarzan has other plans for the stranded westerner as he realizes just how similar they are. His animalistic instincts taking over, Tarzan is taught a thing or two about sex by Tobias as they passionately hook up at the base of a beautiful waterfall. Hardcore action from Tarzan: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.” — Super Gay Hero


Sean & Dean flip-fuck

Dean & Sean (Sean Cody)

“Sean and Dean both know how to have fun and turn any situation into something entertaining — even building a bike together turned into a game for these two goofballs. It was time to talk business, though.

‘You guys have both bottomed and both topped, what’s today going to be like?’

Dean answered confidently, ‘I think we should both bottom and both top.’

After work came play, and after play came a different kind of play. Both Sean and Dean were really into each other, and you could tell they wanted to fuck badly. Sean fucked Dean first and really gave him something to work with. Then it was Dean’s turn to shove his dick up Sean’s ass. This scene proved to be a great, cum-filled flip-fuck with these versatile studs!” — Sean Cody


Mr. Man Minute 7/29/2016

See Matt Damon as naked as the day he was Bourne! Plus Dave Franco bares his cute little butt.

video source: Mr. Man


Robby Barker

Robby Barker (All American Guys)

Robby Barker is a dangerously sexy combination of brains and brawn. This 21-year-old hunk is a biochem major by day and a fitness model by night. See more of him at All American Guys.


Jack tops Forrest

Forrest & Jack: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Jack has been really looking forward to working with Forrest, especially since he is such a huge fan of his big ass. All through the interview, we caught Jack sneaking a few peeks at Forrest’s ass. He couldn’t get his hands off him! We knew he had big plans for later.

‘Don’t expect the gentle giant in bed because you’re not gonna get that. I’m gonna be a little rough with you.’ Jack let Forrest know right from the get-go, but Forrest was just as excited to get roughed up.

‘Finally, a big guy who can handle me around a little bit!’

Jack sized Forrest up, ‘You got it coming! I’m going to tear you up!’

Not only did Jack want to ravage Forrest’s ass, he also wanted to do a little something extra for his fans: get a finger up his butt! He actually really enjoyed it. In the end, Jack definitely kept his word and gave Forrest the cum-filled ride of his life!” — Sean Cody


Mr. Man Minute 7/22/2016

Idris Elba‘s ass is beyond perfection.

video source: Mr. Man


Captain America XXX — Steve Rogers & Nick Fury

Alex Mecum & XL in Captain America XXX (Super Gay Hero)

Steve Rogers is done taking orders from Nick Fury. This time he’s going to show him who’s boss in part 4 of Captain America: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.


Mr. Man Minute 7/15/2016

Naked Chris Hemsworth will turn you into a Ghost-thruster!

video source: Mr. Man


Derek P

Derek P (All American Guys)

Derek P. is a personal trainer (of course!) and part-time man of your dreams. He’s both a calendar man and romance novel cover model. See more pics of Derek showing off his stunning beach body after the jump…


Duncan tops Dawson

CF Crush: Dawson 2 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Dawson stroke his hard cock while Duncan drills him from behind. Watch these two beautiful college boy-toys bone each other bareback.


Captain America XXX — Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes

Paddy O'Brian & Alex Mecum in Captain America XXX (Super Gay Hero)

After 70 years of blue balls and repressed homosexual urges, Steve Rogers finally fucks his long-lost, brainwashed best friend Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier) in part 3 of Captain America: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.


Colton Phobos gets DP’d

“This is what I like to call a ‘perfect storm.’ There ain’t no hotter possible combo than these 3 recruits! As you may know, Quentin Gainz and Ivan James have been toying with the idea of becoming a regularly appearing, tag-team duo. If you saw them hook up with Zack Matthews recently, you know exactly the kind of incredible energy they work up together. Well this time, Colton Phobos is on the receiving end of their take-no-prisoners style of team power fucking.


Daniel tops Lane

Daniel & Lane: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Bringing Daniel and Lane together was such a great idea. It was a match made in heaven! They were always on the same page and their personalities complimented each other so well. The sexual tension between them was insane. They’re both freaky in bed, so Daniel’s wild side undeniably gave Lane’s wild side exactly what it wanted — dirty, rough fucking!

‘I’m kind of a big deal when it comes to bottoming. I’ve taken pretty big dicks and I’m kind of a cock-hungry cum-whore.’

Daniel laughed excitedly, ‘Yes! That’s exactly my type!’

They got so excited by their instant connection that they had to find a secluded place outdoors to get to know each other a little more intimately. When they were done there, they went back to the house to continue fucking and make as much noise as they wanted. Daniel really gave it to Lane and both were left completely satisfied in the end.” — Sean Cody


Mr. Man Minute 7/8/2016

Viggo Mortensen is Captain Ass-tastic, showing butt, balls taint and cock in an all-nude fight scene.

video source: Mr. Man