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Mr. Man Minute 4/29/2016

Tom Hiddleston’s dick will give you a high rise. Get a glimpse of Loki’s scepter!

video source: Mr. Man


Dean & Robbie flip-fuck

Dean & Robbie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Dean and Robbie together was such a sight for sore eyes. Especially seeing these two hotties rock climbing shirtless! Or as Dean likes to call it, ‘extreme hiking.’ Each time Robbie comes out here, he gets more and more excited about who we pair him with.

We had to ask, ‘What do you think about Dean?’

‘He’s cute, he’s really cute. I just can’t help myself.’ He continued, ‘I swear every time I come out here, I get more and more gay.’ I think we’re turning him completely! The sex and the chemistry between these two was really apparent, and showed just how much they’re really into each other!” — Sean Cody


Paddy O’Brian tops Massimo Piano

Paddy O'Brian & Massimo Piano (Str8 to Gay)

“Paddy O’Brian has no problem when challenged with finding the cutest foreigner possible to make his own. One miscommunication leads to another and suddenly Paddy finds himself inside of Massimo Piano’s tight foreign hole. If there’s one thing that’s universally understood, it’s pleasure.” — Str8 to Gay


Mr. Man Minute 4/22/2016

Michael Shannon Loves James Franco Tender.

video source: Mr. Man


Connor does Brayden & Colt

Born And Bred In Kansas City — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Connor makes a sex tape during a hot threeway with Brayden and Colt. He makes a POV blowjob video of Brayden sucking them off. Then he records himself fucking both their asses.


“Purple Rain”

RIP Prince Rogers Nelson (June 07, 1958 – April 21, 2016)


Robert tops Curtis

Robert & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Robert is back! We were really excited to see him again because after his solo not too long ago, he hinted at the possibility of coming back, and here he is… this time for some ass! Curtis was generous enough to offer up his. It was hot to see these two studs have fun outside and take their shirts off to show off their bodies.

We noticed Robert eyeing Curtis’s rock-hard abs. ‘Oh! Washboard abs!’

You could tell he wanted to just take him back inside and fuck him. He went straight to town on Curtis’s hole and did a really good job for a first-timer!

We had to ask, ‘So how was it? It looks like it was a life-changing experience for you.’

Robert replied in his sexy southern accent with a grin from ear to ear, ‘It’s a new day, I’m a new man!'” — Sean Cody


Caleb King tops Pierre Fitch

Caleb King & Pierre Fitch (Drill My Hole)

“In the final part of this epic series sexy beast Caleb King and hung hottie Pierre Fitch are watching some hockey. When their team wins they celebrate the only right way. Pierre swallows Caleb’s fat cock like a champ before bending his sweet Canadian ass over for a hard fuck.” — Drill My Hole


Drake Diamond

Model Drake Diamond as a naked construction worker.

Vintage centerfold model Drake Diamond as a blue collar hunk hard at work.


Freshman 3-way

Costa Rica Pura Vida 2 Part 2 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Kennedy and Tyler share Josh’s hard cock. Then Josh has his hands full, jacking off while giving Tyler a handjob as Kennedy fucks him.


Sean bottoms for Jess

Jess & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“We were really excited to get these two big-dicked models together for a scene. In fact, Jess and Sean probably have the biggest dicks on Sean Cody, which makes it even more exciting! You would think there would be some sort of competition between them, but admiration took over instead, specifically when Sean revealed what was hidden in his shorts. ‘That’s you soft? Oh man, I can’t wait to see this get big!’ Jess was completely shocked.

Sean smiled, ‘There’s so much in store for you, I swear.’

After a nice long walk in nature, these two stallions headed back for some real action and did not disappoint. Sean keeps impressing us as a bottom. He definitely knows how to take it deep… especially Jess’s huge cock!” — Sean Cody


Mr. Man Minute 4/15/2016

Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen helps Charlie Hunnam hit the high notes — by giving him a rimjob!!!

video source: Mr. Man


Dustin Holloway & Carter Dane

Dustin Holloway & Carter Dane (Drill My Hole)

“In the 3rd part of this steamy series Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway work up a hot sweat as Carter rides Dustin’s rock hard cock. Dustin pounds Carter’s gorgeous ass just how he likes it, nice and hard.” — Drill My Hole


Shaw tops Cole

Shaw & Cole: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“‘So I feel like each time I come back here I should try to push my limits further and further!’ Shaw said as we were in the car heading out to paddleboard.

‘What does that mean?’ Cole asked.

Shaw smiled a bit. ‘I have never had my ass eaten and I think that would feel pretty fucking good.’

Cole couldn’t hide the smile that slowly appeared across his face. ‘I’m really fucking excited! I’ve seen some of his stuff… he has a perfect ass!’

Shaw and Cole splashed around and goofed off on the boards until it was time to head back to the studio and push Shaw’s limits. When we got back however, one thing we were not expecting was to see a dick go in Shaw’s mouth.

‘I think I might be a fan of sucking dick!’ Shaw laughed.” — Sean Cody