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Trey tops Chuck

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Handsome cocksucker Chuck gives Trey a smoking hot blowjob. Then Trey fucks the gorgeous bottom in his tight ass.


Cory tops Robbie

Cory & Robbie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Cory and Robbie decided to head out to the beach for a little naked-in-the-sun fun.

‘Do people ever fool around down here?’ Cory asked. Robbie kind of laughed at Cory, ‘Why do you think they brought us down here?!’ Clearly Robbie was on to our plan.

The guys planted an umbrella down and got to business. Robbie wasted no time trying to deep throat all of Cory. They messed around for a while until finally it was time to bust, then ran straight back into the ocean bare-assed. When we got back to the studio, it was time for Robbie to prove that he really is a bottom. Cory pounded him out nice and hard until a thick load ended up deep in his ass.

‘I like coming out here and making new friends. Especially ones with a nice dick like his!'” — Sean Cody


Zack Matthews

“There ain’t no better way to say it…this boy is HOT!!! Take a look for yourself at our newest, freshest recruit, Zack Matthews. It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a guy with this much cool factor.

Boy, Zack is built so well. He’s nice and lean, but with plenty of power in his arms and chest. He’s not short on masculine essence, no way. Zack has that special manly quality that’s hard to find in artsy guys. He’s a great combination of hip and sensitive, and gruff and strong.

Claude does an excellent job working his way all around our handsome new recruit. Zack tugs his oily boner and Claude shows us every angle. I very much enjoyed Zack’s right forearm tattoos. They’re a patchwork of fun, colorful stars and I loved seeing them dance as he fervently jacked his swollen dong.

He goes from the couch to standing up, where Claude aims his shot upward. We get to see Zack’s luxurious balls and watch his face occasionally peek around his hard cock as he strokes.

Then it’s back to that groove on the couch where Zack loosens up a bit, letting his hands explore. He discovers his asshole could use a little play, so he adds to his pleasure with some nice rubbing.

Finally, it’s a sweet explosion of hot cum all over his chest. Golly, what a nice blast! And Zack seems relieved, I’ll bet partly to have done a great job for his first showing.” — Active Duty


Theo Ford tops Brenner Bolton

Brenner Bolton & Theo Ford (Falcon Studios)

Brenner Bolton and Theo Ford are kicking back on the sofa. Brenner’s face is buried in the fur on Theo’s chest, and he’s squeezing the growing lump in Theo’s white briefs. He pulls out Theo’s fat, veiny cock and sucks deeply, alternately swallowing it all and nibbling the foreskin. Brenner pauses to explore Theo’s body with his hands, then resumes sucking. They lie for a while with their limbs interlocked, savoring the friction of skin on damp skin. Theo massages Brenner’s buns and explores the warm crevice and hole he intends to fuck. His tongue and fingers pave the way for his cock, and leave Brenner clutching at the pillow. Backs arched, their hips slam together. Brenner cranes his neck and offers a wet kiss urging Theo to pound harder. He flips onto his back and grabs his cock, hooking the other arm behind a knee to afford deeper access to his hole. His smooth pecs and flat abs clench and tighten from the edging orgasm. Brenner shouts as his cock explodes in streams of spooge that hit his neck. Theo pulls out his cock and, with a shudder, matches Brenner’s load.” — Falcon Studios



Evan (Sean Cody)

“‘Deep down I am just looking for love and someone to cook for me!’ Evan laughed.

‘I think today you might be looking in the wrong places,’ I joked with him.

Evan is a sweetheart with a huge ego. He knows that he is attractive, smart and funny and has no problem sharing that with the world. ‘I guess you could say I walk a fine line between confidence and cockiness.’

‘Tell me about yourself.’

‘Well right now I am single and ready to mingle!’ We both busted out laughing.

‘Did you really just say that?’

‘Hey… I never said I was a comedian,’ Evan winked.” — Sean Cody


“Simon Zealotes”

Posting this because it’s Easter Sunday and for the extremely unlikely porn connection…

This showstopper from Norman Jewison’s 1973 adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar features Paul Thomas — a male porn star from the so-called Golden Age of porn. Blink and you’ll miss him in this number, but his character actually has a name. (You can see him in the background when Simon sings, “Keep them yelling their devotion…”) He plays the Apostle Peter.

Paul Thomas was one of the few male performers from the ’70s and ’80s who was actually — dare I say it? — sexually attractive. Before getting into porn he parlayed his good looks into some mainstream acting roles, which included a lead role in the flower-powered musical Hair.


Batman v Superman XXX, Pt. 1

Topher DiMaggio & Damien Crosse (Batman v Superman XXX)

“Reporter Clark Kent believes Batman is a vigilante who is not doing the city any favors. Clark believes that Superman’s superpowers make him the city’s true protector. Of course, he is probably biased being that he is the one and only man of steel. Watch Topher Di Maggio rescue Damien Crosse by fending off his attackers and then drilling his hole with his fat Superman cock.” — Super Gay Hero


Mr. Man Minute 3/25/2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of JustASS. See Ben Affleck‘s full frontal peep during the nude shower scene from Gone Girl.

video source: Mr. Man


Jayden tops Ollie

Jayden & Ollie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Ollie has really gotten pretty great at bottoming and this time actually requested to ride a dick.

‘It just feels really, really good. When I bust, it’s fucking intense,’ Ollie admitted.

We have been noticing that Jayden has been more excited to be on set and we finally figured out why. ‘It’s because I have been able to be a top more often. I love fucking a nice tight ass!’

Jayden and Ollie went for a run before their shoot to warm up and the two clicked almost immediately. ‘He is for sure one of the more attractive models I’ve been paired with.’ Jayden smiled.” — Sean Cody


Chandler tops Grayson

Chandler Unleashed 2 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Grayson jacks off while giving Chandler a slurpy blowjob. Then he rides Chandler’s stiff cock.


Diego Sans tops Carter Dane

Carter Dane & Diego Sans (Drill My Hole)

Canadian cocksucker Carter Dane gives Diego Sans a warm welcome to his home country. He treats Diego to a deep throat blowjob in the shower, and then he lets Diego fuck his perfect ass. After fucking Carter to orgasm, Diego cums so hard it leaves Carter’s face and body covered in cream.


Tony de Sergio

Horsehung male porn star Tony de Sergio

It’s a dirty laundry day for Tony de Sergio, a straight male porn star who made a handful of gay porn appearances in his misspent youth. See this horsehung porn stud stripped completely naked at the laundromat after the jump…


Logan Swiecki-Taylor

Male swimsuit model Logan Swiecki-Taylor (Rufskin)

Drop-dead gorgeous male model Logan Swiecki-Taylor in Rufskin’s Nelson, an underwear/swimwear hybrid.


Mr. Man Minute 3/18/2016

Divergent’s Miles Teller Rocks a Cock Sock. See Miles and Skylar Astin in nothing but a cock sock and a closeup of their spanking hot naked butt cheeks.

video source: Mr. Man