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Blake Mitchell is An American In Prague (Bel Ami Online)

High Voltage — Billy Cotton tops Julien Hussey

Billy Cotton & Julien Hussey (Bel Ami Online)

“Today we literally join the boys in bed on the day after their oral extravaganza to see how they match up when it comes to fucking.

Knowing both boys as well as we do, we can almost be assured that there is going to be first-class action.

Julien Hussey really seems to so cock hungry in both parts that he borders on insatiable, taking everything that Billy Cotton has got and still wanting more.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Mr. Man - Explicit gay sex - Join For Free - Chris Evans taking off his clothes

Coach Seed — William Seed tops Trent King

William Seed & Trent King (Drill My Hole)

“Ebony athlete Trent King isn’t sure what to expect from new soccer coach William Seed, but he hears he’s a real hardass! When William arrives and wordlessly makes Trent and his teammate do pushups and squats, that’s confirmed: Trent can’t stop staring at William’s hard ass. Soon William is teaching Trent a new way to do sit-ups by sucking his cock every time he comes up! After a messy blowjob, William fucks Trent doggystyle over a fitness ball, then tells him to squat on his dick. Trent cums with William’s huge dick in his ass, and the coach pulls out to spill his seed all over the handsome athlete’s face.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ MEN.com

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High Voltage — Billy Cotton & Julien Hussey suck until they get cum

Billy Cotton & Julien Hussey blowjob scene (Bel Ami Online)

“We are skipping documentaries this week in favor of an oral scene between Billy Cotton and Julien Hussey.

The boys will be back again tomorrow for part 2 of the scene where you will get all the fucking part of this combination.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Rockabilly — Billy Brandt, his bubble butt & his gold guitar

Gay porn star Billy Brandt

Friday Flashback: Here’s another look at blond beauty Billy Brandt from his November 2001 photo shoot for Unzipped magazine. This time he didn’t even bother to bring any clothes. It’s just him and his guitar and his blond hair and sweet bubble butt. With an ass like that, it’s really too bad he waited until the end of his career before he finally bottomed. Ah, well… See his full frontal nudes after the jump…


Hottie of the Day: Eric Balfour

Semi-nude actor Eric Balfour showing side butt

No one is more dedicated to frontal, backal, and everything in between nudity than the gorgeous actor Eric Balfour. We got a glimpse his penis in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and were instantaneous fans. We are most definitely Team Balfour.


Scared Stiff 2 — Father Adam Ramzi gets defrocked by Dante Colle & Calvin Banks

Adam Ramzi, Dante Colle & Calvin Banks (NakeSword)

Dante Colle and Calvin Banks are abruptly woken up with a shower of “demon semen.” Mortified and disgusted, Calvin decides he’s going to find a Priest to bless their new home. Father Adam Ramzi arrives at the mansion and lets the couple know he can help them out for a price. After the discussion of payment is out of the way, Father Adam starts to bless the house in an attempt to rid it of the demons that possess it. Father Adam tells Dante and Calvin, for $500 more, he’ll rid their house of the Amityville Whore and fuck them both good. They agree and start making out on the couch. Father Adam stands and lifts his robe to reveal his uncut cock for Dante and Calvin to service. Adam completely disrobes and Dante focus on sucking his cock while Calvin takes the backend and eats the Father’s ass. The Priest returns the blessing with a sopping wet hummer to the horny married duo. He services both of their cocks before bending Calvin and Dante over the couch to work their holes with his tongue and fingers. Adam starts to work his bare cock into their holes, switching back and forth between the two studs, fucking them deep. The husbands watch each other get fucked by Adam bareback until Dante and Adam bend Calvin over and spit-roast him. With Adam down his throat, and Dante up his ass, Calvin is loving all of the extra attention. Dante wants some more of the Priest cock and gets on top to ride his thick holy stick. Calvin helps out his husband but jacking him off while he rides Adam until he dumps his load all over the floor. Calvin hops on for his turn riding Adam’s thick meat until he blasts his load all over the Priest. Adam makes sure to lick up and drops left behind on Calvin’s tip before stroking out his own load to feed the couple. Father Adam claims the house is “clean” before all of the furniture starts shifting on its own. Now that he got his money, Adam reveals he’s not a real Priest and bolts out of the house. What are Dante and Calvin supposed to do now? — Watch the hardcore preview @ Naked Sword

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Art Collection — Kirk Gauguin’s peachy ass

Kirk Gauguin pulling down his shorts to show off his sweet cheeks.

“This is our final Viva Colombia photo-session and the only one to lack an actual Columbian. Instead we have the seductive Kirk Gauguin to stir your libidos.

We’ve had these special Art Collections courtesy of Eliot Klein and guest photographer Benno Thoma for over a year and their ending is bitter sweet. Bitter in that we’ve truly enjoyed this series and our sorry to see it go. Sweet because we have a new series to look forward to — ‘BootCamp’ — and we think you’ll enjoy it just as much.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Freshmen.net

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James Loves Cock — James Walsh gets topped by big-dicked Kieran Benning

James Walsh & Kieran Benning (Bel Ami Online)

“There are many things to be thankful about when it comes to Kieran Benning: His raffish good looks, his lean and sensual body, his great dick and of course his charming personality.

We hope that when you add all these things up you can forgive him for his lack of acting skills. At least when it comes to the sex, we know that he’s not acting! Kieran is partner here today with James Walsh.

James filmed about 10 things with us before deciding that he wanted more opportunities than he thought we could offer and so we let him to try other things as well.

Today’s scene is an excellent pairing with 2 very sexy guys and an abundance of mutual attraction and chemistry between the guys. The sex is intense and James certainly gets the good, hard fucking that he came for.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Adam Ramzi in Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore

Adam Ramzi in Scared Stiff 2 showing off his amazing ass (NakedSword)

The power of cock compels Father Adam Ramzi in NakedSword’s Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore. See him whip it out after the jump… And watch his raw threesome with Dante Colle and Calvin Banks.

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New Conquest — Kaleb Stryker tops Beaux Banks

Kaleb Stryker & Beaux Banks (Str8 to Gay)

“When Beaux Banks discovers that his new neighbor is the sexy Kaleb Stryker, he decides to give him a hand moving in. But when Kaleb catches Beaux sniffing his underwear in the back of his moving van, he realizes why Beaux has a reputation as the neighborhood slut. Kaleb decides the punishment should fit the crime and lets Beaux prove that he deserves his title. Beaux drops to his knees and blows Kaleb, sucking and stroking his cock right there in the back of the van. Soon Kaleb returns the favor before bending Beaux against the wall and giving his perfect bubble butt a deep and passionate rim job. Beaux can’t wait any longer and takes the curly-haired hunk’s cock deep in his ass, slamming his cheeks against Kaleb’s thighs as he rides it all the way down to the balls. The two horned up dudes blow their loads in the back of the van, proving that there is something in nature that does want neighbors to get along.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ MEN.com

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Scared Stiff 2 — Taylor Reign takes Cade Maddox’s big dick

Taylor Reign & Cade Maddox (NakedSword)

Now securely at home in the allegedly haunted mansion, Dante Colle and Calvin Banks lie in bed and laugh at the thought of being covered in “demon semen.” Calvin dozes off and his dreams take him back to the Amityville Whore House in 1985. Cade Maddox is on the phone lying to his wife while Taylor Reign is lounging in bed. To comfort Cade, Taylor offers up his big cock to play with instead. Cade unzips his pants and Taylor wastes no time getting the lengthy cock down his throat. Taylor keeps working Cade’s thick cock while Cade undresses, pumping his dick in Taylor’s warm mouth. Taylor moves down to his knees and takes a deep face-fuck from Cade’s girthy member. Exploring his gay temptations even further, Cade bends Taylor over the bed to open up his smooth hole with a deep rimjob. Cade loves the taste of Taylor’s hole on his tongue and works his fingers in, priming it for his bare cock. With Taylor still bent over the bed, Cade gives his hole a few slaps with his cock and shoves his meat, deep into Taylor’s crack. Cade starts out slow before grabbing Taylor by the hips and drilling his hole deep with powerful, raw thrusts. They move all the way onto the bed so Taylor can lay flat and take a brutal, bareback pounding from his straight buddy. When Taylor wants the Reigns, he climbs on top of Cade to impale his deep hole on Cade’s throbbing cock. Cade asserts his dominance again when he rolls Taylor on his side, and makes him bite the pillow from his powerful thrusts. Ending on his back, Cade keeps pile-driving Taylor until he fucks the cum out of his begging cock. Seeing Taylor wearing his own load sends Cade over the edge so Cade pulls out and drenches Taylor with his thick ropes. To seal their deed, Cade licks up the loads from Taylor’s abs and snowballs it into his open mouth. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Naked Sword

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I’ll Show You Scary — Johnny B. tops Aspen & then they snowball

Aspen & Johnny B (Next Door Studios)

“It’s Halloween which means it’s time for costumes and costume parties, but the real fun happens after all the festivities have ended and Aspen & Johnny B are on their way home. There was plenty of scary figures at the party, but Johnny hasn’t seen a monster like the one Aspen has inside him. Once they both get out of the shower, Johnny unleashes his inner-demons and gives Aspen the fuck of his life, pulling no punches and getting as freaky as the holiday allows. This is one trick that’s worth the treat, as long as Aspen can keep up.” — Watch the hardcore preview @ Next Door Studios

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Cade Maddox in Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore

Gay porn star Cade Maddox in Scared Stiff 2 The Amityville Whore (NakedSword)

Big-dicked Cade Maddox brings extra Johnson to Don Johnson’s Miami Vice look in this ’80s retro porn scene from NakedSword’s Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore. See him whip it out after the jump… Or watch him top Taylor Reign at NS.

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Ty Colt’s perfect bubble butt

Gay porn star Ty Colt's perfect bubble butt in Falcon's Asylum

It’s bubble-butted blond Ty Colt, a sculpted muscle hunk who had a brief porn career about a decade ago, which included a featured appearance in Falcon’s creepy cockfest Asylum. You can see even more of him over here. Or…

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Taylor Reign in Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore

Taylor Reign showing his cute naked butt in Scared Stiff 2 The Amityville Whore (NakedSword)

Taylor Reign looks totally tubular in this ’80s flashback scene from NakedSword’s horror movie porn parody Scared Stiff 2: The Amityville Whore. Yeah. I’m talking about his dick. Watch his bareback fuck scene at NS, or check out his bitchin’ nudes after the jump…

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